About Nancy

Hi! I am an active mom of 3 wonderful children. I have been married for 6 1/2 years to a wonderful and extremely supportive husband. And after suffering through years of infertility, I am so grateful that we were blessed with the most precious kids. Having children may be ordinary to most, but for us, they are absolute miracles! And although our lives are sometimes upside down and inside out, we couldn’t be happier!

Also, I am an identical twin. (I know a twin with twins! It’s ironic right?) My sister and I still share a special bond to this day. So, I am very much looking forward to raising my fraternal twins and seeing the bond between them grow. I think I will be able to offer them a unique perspective and parent them with my childhood experience (which wasn’t always fun as a twin) in mind. Here, on Support Calfe, I hope to offer other mommies advice from my perspective as well.

I love pasta, (actually anything Italian) although my thighs and tummy do not! I’m a chocolate fiend and LOVE most things sweet so losing weight is an up hill battle. I will most likely be ranting about getting my body back in shape which is essential since my belly went to amazing heights (or should I say widths) during my recent pregnancy.

I love to write (obviously!), sit and play with my kids and make them laugh, bake (although I rarely do), and do most things crafty and creative (like crocheting, quilting, scrap-booking, and making photo slide-shows-all of which I wish there was more time for). Reading is also a relaxing pass time but when my daughter doesn’t nap and there’s barely ANY down time taking care of newborn twins, well you get the idea! Did I mention it’s busy around here!

Lately, I’ve been writing a memoir about my failures and successes through my infertility experience. I am a ‘wear your heart on your sleeves’ kind of person, so yeah, I am kind of pouring my heart and soul on the page. Some of it has been very difficult to write, but all of it has been very cathartic. I will keep you posted on my journey through finishing it and trying to get it published. I hope it can become an inspiration to others going through what we went through. At the very least, my children will read it one day and know how much they were loved before they were even born.

Anyway, thanks for reading! I hope you stay for a little while (or at least until your boss notices you’re not really working or your kid wakes up from their nap).