Best Cholesterol Apps for iPhone Review

If you suffer from Cholesterol, you need one of the iPhone apps.Apple created a winner in their iPhone when they launched it in June 2007. The world’s top smartphone is an amazing device for not only communicating with friends and family by way of calls but can also keep you organised, productive and even healthier. This is made possible due to the wide array of apps you can obtain on the iTunes App Store. Individuals who have high blood cholesterol can work toward improving their health by investing in some top rated apps specifically geared toward cholesterol. These are worth investigating and having right at your fingertips on your iPhone.

Cholesterol Manager — dietary cholesterol and fat tracker is a great app that is £1.99. It features a simple and sleek interface that allows you to track and manage your cholesterol intake on a daily basis and is ideal for individuals who want to keep track of their cholesterol levels, whether they want to lower or maintain them. You will receive great tips on foods that are low in cholesterol as well as a daily summary of your meals and their content. You can create nice graphs of your progress and track your weight when you are dieting and trying to lower your blood cholesterol as well.

Lower Your Cholesterol — this app is also £1.99 at the App Store and is an excellent resource to have at hand on your iPhone when you set goals for yourself toward losing weight and lowering your cholesterol levels. Essentially, the app features audio of medical journalist Robert Kowalski of the New York Times explaining the various ways you can achieve just this in healthy and natural means.

Recipes: High Cholesterol is 69 pence and is worth downloading if you suffer from high cholesterol but want to lower your levels and eat healthier. You can receive some terrific recipes through this app that are low in cholesterol and will help you to become healthier. You will get tips on how to prepare these meals so that you can lower your cholesterol.

Low Cholesterol Food Street by Feel Social is also 69 pence at the App Store and shows users favourite meals around the world that are low in cholesterol. It is ideal for individuals who love to eat but have high cholesterol and want to lower it and become overall healthier. There are tips about soups, salads, main courses, desserts and much more. You will also receive nutrition information on everything mentioned in the app.

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