The Best Inflatable Hot Tub vs. A Regular Hot Tub

Choosing the right spa can be more than challenging. It is a rigorous process that will leave you wanting to tear your hair out. This is mainly due to the fact that there are two types of spas you can possibly get and this is where most people get into a pickle when it comes to making the best decision for their home and for their family. In the past, these machines were considered to be a luxury as not many people could afford them. Well, people have got richer since then and most people want to return home from work and be able to relax in a hot tub. These people have two choices when it comes to choosing the right machine. The first thing to do is to get a solid hot tub that needs to be installed into the bathroom by a professional. The alternative would be to go for the best inflatable hot tub that can be inflated and deflated whenever you wanted.

Both types of spas have their own advantages and disadvantages so you need to make sure that you read a lot of inflatable hot tub reviews and do the right research before coming to a decision.

After looking at both types of spas and comparing the inflatable hot tub to a solid one, I think I would probably go for the blow up hot tub instead of a solid expensive one. The main reason for this is the price because an inflatable spa will be a lot cheaper than the solid one. Buying this will not cost you too much but on top of this, you will not need to spend too much on getting it installed. The set up process of a blow up hot tub is extremely simple and can be done by anyone regardless of how good you are with DIY. Usually, you get complete instructions on the assembly process so you should not experience any problems whatsoever. In comparison, a solid hot tub costs a lot of money. On top of that, you will need to pay a professional quite a bit to have it installed properly and have the heater connected etc. The assembly process is bound to be rigorous so you will definitely require an expert to do it. The installation process might even come up to halfway of the total amount that you got the hot tub for. Looking at this point, it would definitely be best for you to go for an inflatable spa.

In addition to the cost, a blow up hot tub will have more advantages. This type of spa usually does not weigh too much. As I mentioned, the assembly process is quick and simple so you can easily inflate, deflate it and move it wherever it needs to be moved. The structure of inflatable hot tubs is probably a lot more comfortable too because they usually have soft cushion material. Despite this, the material is always resistant to puncture and feels extremely sturdy so you are looking at an amazing piece of innovation. In comparison, a solid hot tub will usually be the opposite of this due to a solid structure though this is advantageous when it comes to resistance to damage. The good thing about hard hot tubs is that they can be associated with far better performance and usually come with more jets and a better spa system. But is this really worth the extremely costly price tag? That is a question for you to answer!

Despite the advantages of both spas, there are some similarities too. This is mainly linked to the electricity bills. Regardless of which tub you end up getting, the running costs will be on a similar level. The best thing of course is that you will be able to obtain a fantastic relaxing experience that you would not be able to get with a normal shower. All you have to do is return home from work, turn the tub on and relax and unwind for the next hour or two. The water will be extremely pleasant while the bubbles will make the environment and surroundings even better.

Despite differences and similarities between an inflatable hot tub and a blow up hot tub, you might find it difficult to decide which one to go for. The best way of looking at it would be to select a couple of features that will hold the most importance for you. The temperature of the water is usually important because usually, a blow up hot tub will only go as high as 40 degrees. The heater also usually shuts off automatically when the bubbles are activated. In comparison, a solid tub can have a higher temperature (despite the dangers) and it has a far better spa system. For most people, the price will hold the most importance. If you like the idea of spending a lot on getting a solid tub then go for this. However, most people will prefer the affordable cost of getting the best inflatable hot tub because this is convenient too.

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