The Most Popular Lifestyle Apps for iPad

Apple’s iPad has practically revolutionised how society functions in everyday life. Nowadays, businessmen and women carry iPads instead of Franklin planners, students replace it with textbooks in class, athletes use the device for mapping their running routes, bakers use it to find recipes and shopaholics shop on it. There are countless lifestyle apps available for the device, which can simplify your life in many ways. Some of the most popular apps are:

Facebook App for iPad offers a user-friendly interface, and allows easy navigation from the left-hand menu to access the newsfeed, inbox messages, photos, groups, settings, applications and chats. The winning feature of Facebook app has to be the photos feature, which is a lot better than it is on the website. You can easily go full-screen, swipe and zoom the photos. All in all, the application is very handy for staying in touch with friends on the go.

Cool Hunting is an online video and publication series website, which provides information about cutting edge technology, latest designs, art and cultural trends and a lot more. The website’s app for iPad allows users to access the website’s content through an engaging interface, which is also very easy to use. You can check out the daily updates and weekly documentaries with a single tap.

Cool Hunting is a great lifestyle app for the iPad.

Photo Cookbook, as the name depicts, is a cooking-guide app for your iPad on which you can access tons of free recipes. The unique part about Photo Cookbook is that you will get to see beautiful illustrations of each written step in high resolution, which really helps understand recipes, and also makes the entire cooking process much more appealing. You will find four categories on the basic version of the app: “Quick & Easy,” “Asian,” “Italian” and “Baking.”

Most of the foodies out there are most likely already familiar with the award-winning website The iPad app of this website offers over 30,000 professional recipes, which have been written in easy words for novices. You can save the recipes that you like, and sync them with the online “Recipe Box” at the Epicurious website. Every time you launch the app on your iPad, you will see an updated list of recipes. You can also search them through categories or by keywords.

Houzz Interior Design Ideas app boasts over 200,000 high-resolution photos of home design ideas, because of which CNN has declared this app the “Wikipedia of interior and exterior design.” You have the option of browsing photos by room, location and style. You can save pages of all the rooms you like, and create your own little virtual idea book, which is just like creating a scrapbook by clipping photos from a magazine.

The iPad has a lot of potential in the future, as it will eventually be recognised as one of most important technological products created. More and more lifestyle apps are released everyday, and are readily picked up by millions of users worldwide who are increasingly getting dependent on them for carrying out their day-to-day activities.

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