The Art of The Cheat Meal

I hope everyone had an amazing start to their weekend! Mine kicked off with a fantastic weigh-in (down 2.2 lbs.), a satisfying cereal bowl with strawberries, raisins and almond milk and a serious 90-minute session at the gym!

After the gym, I grabbed a quick lunch, watched the season finale of “Curb Your Enthusiasm” and headed out for some grocery shopping. I am slowly, but surely rebuilding my entire wardrobe. After losing 37 pounds and 4 sizes, I need to purchase everything from jeans to coats to earrings and shoes!

I fueled my intense shopping excursion with a little (natural) vitamin D, a Blueberry Bliss LUNA bar and a soy Caffe Misto.

Several hours later, I had dinner with the husband.

I used this as an excuse to take advantage of my weekly cheat meal. Since the popularity of celebrity diets and fitness programs has sky-rocketed, the idea of cheat days has become more and more prevalent – meaning you get one day a week to eat “whatever” you want.

And while I don’t follow cheat days, I will regularly have one cheat meal every week. This week’s cheat meal was very worthy – pasta!

The husband and I hit up Volare, a popular Italian spot in London. We came with our appetites and left stuffed to the gills. Here is a little breakdown of my cheat meal of the week.

I’ve never been a bread-n-butter kind of girl. But bread and RED sauce? You had me at hello.

Traditional house salad with tomatoes, cabbage, olives and chickpeas. Hello protein!

I was already full by this point of our very enjoyable meal but still had an entrée on its way – orecchiette alla arrabiata! Mike, our amazing server, was kind enough to ensure my sauce would come without the customary pancetta.

Typically after a fancy meal on our date nights, we will take the party to the movie theatre for the next round of fun. Considering nothing is out right now that really sparked our interest, we decided to go home – complete with chilled Argentinian wine, two different kinds of M&M’s, and the world’s BEST light popcorn.

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